Past Shows

Past Shows

A look back at shows of the past at WCT

From a trip to Oklahoma, two stops in Merry Old England, a stay at a snowy New England inn, on to Austria and the Alps, and throw in a pit stop on Mount Olympus, this season is sure to pull the traveling spirit out of you!

February 18


An Adam Experiment

A one-man play on the life of Adam Clayton Powell, Jr. Written and performed by Michael Chenevert

February 9 - 11


Trouble In Mind

Set during rehearsals for a major Broadway production, Trouble In Mind illuminates the inner life of a black actress struggling with her career. Alice Childress’s 1955 play – which finally premiered on Broadway in 2021 – is a funny, moving, and heartbreaking look at racism, identity, and ego in the high-stakes world of New York theatre. **WARNING** Adult language and themes may make this show unsuitable for audiences younger than 15.


A Simpler Time

When you find yourself fighting with your friends on the night before the Constitution is due, listening in at a telephone switchboard in the 1940s, trying to avoid the more gruesome aspects of medieval times, or exploring a mysterious possible future, only one thing is certain: there’s humor in human nature.



Misery follows successful romance novelist Paul Sheldon, who is rescued from a car crash by his “number one fan,” Annie Wilkes, and wakes up captive in her secluded home. While Paul is convalescing, Annie reads his latest book and becomes enraged when she discovers the author has killed off her favorite character, Misery Chastain. Annie forces Paul to write a new Misery novel, and he quickly realizes Annie has no intention of letting him go anywhere. The irate Annie has Paul writing as if his life depends on it, and it does.


Significant Other

Jordan Berman would love to be in love, but that’s easier said than done. So until he meets Mr. Right, he wards off lonely nights with his trio of close girlfriends. But as singles’ nights turn into bachelorette parties, Jordan discovers that the only thing harder than finding love is supporting the loved ones around you when they do.


Nibbles at the North Pole

If you’re looking for a fun and festive way to celebrate the holiday season, look no further than our Santa meet-and-greet event, Nibbles at the North Pole. At our event, kids will have the opportunity to meet Santa Claus in person, take photos with him, and tell him what they want for Christmas. But that’s not all! We’ll also have a cookies and a hot chocolate station where kids (and adults) can sip their own holiday drink treats. Nibbles at the North Pole is perfect for families looking to create lasting memories this holiday season. It’s also a great way to get into the holiday spirit and spread some cheer. So come on down to Nibbles at the North Pole and join in on the fun! CLICK HERE TO BE A SANTA SPONSOR!

October 18-22



In a Berlin nightclub, as the 1920’s draw to a close, a garish Master of Ceremonies welcomes the audience and assures them they will forget all their troubles at the Cabaret. With the Emcee’s bawdy songs as wry commentary, Cabaret explores the dark, heady, and tumultuous life of Berlin’s natives and expatriates as Germany slowly yields to the emerging Third Reich. Cliff, a young American writer newly arrived in Berlin, is immediately taken with English singer Sally Bowles. Meanwhile, Fräulein Schneider, proprietor of Cliff and Sally’s boarding house, tentatively begins a romance with Herr Schultz, a mild-mannered fruit seller who happens to be Jewish. Musical numbers include “Willkommen,” “Cabaret,” “Don’t Tell Mama” and “Two Ladies.”


Ordinary Days

Ordinary Days tells the story of four young New Yorkers whose lives intersect as they search for fulfillment, happiness, love and cabs. Through a score of vibrant and memorable songs, their experiences ring startlingly true to life. Ordinary Days is an original musical for anyone who’s ever struggled to appreciate the simple things in a complex place. With equal doses of humor and poignancy, it celebrates how 8.3 million individual stories combine in unexpected ways to make New York City such a unique and extraordinary home.

Sept 21st - Oct 1st



Rodgers & Hammerstein’s first collaboration remains, in many ways, their most innovative, setting the standards and rules of modern musical theatre. In a Western territory just after the turn of the 20th century, a high-spirited rivalry between local farmers and cowboys provides a colorful background for Curly, a charming cowboy, and Laurey, a feisty farm girl, to play out their love story. Their romantic journey, as bumpy as a Surrey ride down a country road, contrasts with the comic exploits of brazen Ado Annie and hapless Will Parker in a musical adventure embracing hope, determination and the promise of a new land.

Nov 3rd - 12th


The Girl on the Train

Rachel Watson longs for a different life. Her only escape is the perfect couple she watches through the train window every day, happy and in love. Or so it appears. When Rachel learns that the woman she’s been secretly watching has suddenly disappeared, she finds herself as a witness and even a suspect in a thrilling mystery in which she will face bigger revelations than she could ever have anticipated. This gripping mystery/thriller will keep you guessing until the final moment.

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