Waco Civic Theatre




A few things to know...

Turn Off Your Cell Phone

We kindly request that you turn off your cell phone in the theatre before the show begins. This is to ensure that you and other audience members can enjoy the performance without any interruptions or distractions. We appreciate your cooperation and respect for the artists and the art form. Thank you for choosing our theatre and have a wonderful evening.

There is no photography or videoing allowed in the theater

Please refrain from taking any pictures or recording any videos during the performance. This is to respect the privacy and intellectual property rights of the artists and the production team. We appreciate your cooperation and hope you enjoy the show.

Don’t Be Disruptive

When you attend a theatrical performance, you are expected to behave in a respectful and courteous manner. Being disruptive in the theatre can ruin the experience for yourself, the performers and the other audience members. Disruptive behavior includes talking, texting, eating, drinking, moving around, taking pictures or making noise during the show. Please refrain from any of these actions and follow the instructions of the staff and the announcements. If you need to leave your seat for any reason, please do so during intermission or at an appropriate time. Thank you for your cooperation and enjoy the show.

Don’t Feel Like You Have to Dress Up

One of the common misconceptions about going to the theatre is that you have to dress up in formal attire. While some people may enjoy wearing suits and dresses to enhance their experience, there is no strict dress code for most theatre venues. You can wear whatever makes you comfortable and confident, as long as it is respectful and appropriate for the occasion. The theatre is a place where you can enjoy the art of storytelling, not a place where you have to worry about your appearance.

Respect the Space and Comfort of Those Around You

When you go to the theatre, you are sharing a space with other people who want to enjoy the show. It is important to respect the space and comfort of those around you by following some simple etiquette rules. For example, you should avoid talking, texting, or making noise during the performance. You should also keep your belongings in your own seat area and not block the view of others. You should be mindful of your personal hygiene and avoid wearing strong perfumes or colognes. And you should always applaud at appropriate times and not disrupt the actors or the audience. By respecting the space and comfort of those around you in the theatre, you can make the experience more enjoyable for everyone.